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Paul McCloud is an accomplished Australian singer, guitarist and entertainer with a crowd-pleasing, distinctive voice and popular easy listening, country and gospel music repertoire. Since 1985, he has toured Australia performing at large venues and intimate concerts. During his musical career, Paul has recorded and successfully sold 17 albums, the latest release "Remember Me" making it No. 18. His CDs contain originals and favourites, backed by some of Australia's finest professional musicians and country music performers, including Vic Lanyon, Andrew Clermont, Lindsay Butler, Clelia Adams, Peter Horan, and Sharon Benjamin. In 2003, Paul was inducted into the Hands of Fame at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, having previously won the Most Popular Artist on Tour in 1999 and 2001. In 2017, Paul was the proud recipient of the Living Legend Award presented at the Slim Dusty Festival in Kempsey NSW.


Paul McCloud Essential CollectionThis CD has been five years in the making. Over a glass of wine at Hartwood a few years ago, and after working together in concert, Peter Horan and Paul decided to make an album with Peter producing and arranging all the music.

Peter is a master of the keyboard and a brilliant, talented artist in his own right and recorded the music a few years ago. Paul had not been well enough to do the vocals until October 2017 at Redbak Studios in Leeton under the help and guidance of Mark Hillier, Sharon Benjamin and Marcus Hooper.

With Paul's unique voice and the beautiful soft harmonies from Sharon Benjamin, this album is a joy to listen to and is now available.

To purchase "Rememer Me" and other Paul McCloud CDs, please view our CD order information.

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