Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year!

Christmas for Paul and Hele will be spent quietly at home this year in preparation for the Tamworth Country Music Festival and the New England and Central West concert tours.

Paul and Peter Horan, two of Australia’s most popular independent artists have joined forces to present a not to be missed concert at the Tamworth Town Hall during the Country Music Festival in January. Tickets are selling now rapidly for this one only show. Go to to book your seats. Paul and Peter will be performing together in concert through the New England and Central West in January/February, see tour dates. Tickets will be on sale at the door on most venues an hour prior to the concert. Tickets for the Orange Civic Theatre Concert will go on sale on December 23rd. Peter and Paul’s CDs will be on sale at all venues.

Peter Horan and Paul McCloud
Peter Horan & Paul McCloud together in concert
Sparkles and foal Diamond

Paul has now completed his new CD titled “Essential Collection”. The CD has 22 tracks of some of his most popular songs recorded during the 1990’s plus six new songs. There’s more information about the new album on the CDs page on this site.

After the Central West tour Paul plans to be at the farm getting the property ready for the Easter Hartwood Campfires & Country Music Festival. Hele is hoping to have some of her miniature horses there again this year.