News February/March 08

After years of touring Paul is now taking some time off from concert performing. For the first time in 25 years he did not perform in Tamworth at the Country Music Festival, although we did spend a day wandering the street, meeting up with people and thoroughly enjoyed Peter Horan and Tom Maxwell’s great concert at the Imperial Hotel.

Wally's Waterhole

This year marks 21 years of ‘Hartwood, Campfires and Country Music Festival’ at Easter and Paul is busily preparing the farm for what we hope to be our biggest year yet. The huge creek dam, “Wally’s Waterhole” named after our friend who rebuilt the dam wall for us, is now three quarters full for the first time since it was rebuilt seven years ago and it all looks very green and picturesque.

Paul now has a mate, Oscar, a three year old red cattle dog cross which he rescued from the animal refuge. Oscar just loves to ride around the farm with Paul and to swim in the dam. He is a bit naughty sometimes and chases the cattle but we love him dearly.

Following Easter, Paul and I are planning a holiday in the caravan for the first time and we are both looking forward to becoming ‘grey nomads’ for a little while so you are likely to see us pop up anywhere!

While there are not any concerts planned for the near future, I am sure Paul will return, rested and in good voice for the occasional concert next year. Meanwhile keep checking the website for any changes.

Hope to see you at Hartwood at Easter.