Not much happening in the music scene this year since the Coronavirus has hit. Musicians are feeling it everywhere with workload stopped in its tracks. Many of our muso friends have been holding online Facebook concerts which have proven very popular. Festivals have been cancelled with no knowing when they will go ahead.

Paul has been spending his time fixing things around the house, putting a few vegies and herbs in pots and re-vamping two lamp tables. He has also been in his music room singing a few songs and keeping the voice lubed in case.


Our beautiful dog Oscar is battling health at the moment with a large mass in his stomach. We are just waiting to hear if it is benign or not. A lot of people will remember Oscar at Hartwood where he used to get up on stage with Paul when he sang. He just loved it. He is 16 years old now and has been a wonderful companion since we rescued him from the animal shelter. He is laying beside me as I write this.

Hoping everyone is staying well and safe and we all look forward to being able to travel freely once again and enjoy meeting up with friends old and new.

Cheers, Hele